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Is it just an itchy scalp?

We had a beautiful middle school girl in for treatment today.  She had long, thick hair down to her "bottom" and had been referred to us by an astute school nurse. Tammy (name has been changed) explained that she'd been itching for several weeks but thought that it was a change in shampoo.  By the time she came to us, her case was probably two months old and characterized by numerous adult … [Read more...]

Start and end spring break – head lice free!

I always marvel at how insightful, intuitive and proactive some parents are when it comes to head lice (and probably lots of other things!)  We have clients who bring their children in for a comprehensive head check  after sleepovers, after sleepaway camp and this past week - before going away for spring break.  Brilliant!!!! None of the many children we head checked had head lice (adult lice, … [Read more...]

Is it head lice?

Do I need to use a head lice removal service for detection/treatment? So many parents, especially those of young children, may not be exactly sure what they’re looking for with respect to head lice.  If you or your child have never had head lice, and you reference the magnified images available on the web, it might be difficult to be able to identify what is and what is not head lice on a … [Read more...]