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Head Lice in African American Hair?

There are so many myths and old wives' tales associated with head lice. Many we hear frequently - sometimes several times a day: Head lice jump. Head lice fly. Head lice do not like dirty hair. Head lice can live off the head for two weeks. Head lice nits can hatch after an extended time off the human head. Head lice are killed by chlorine in a pool. Head lice are the signs of a … [Read more...]

Elimilice’s Intown Atlanta location for head lice services “just what the doctor ordered” . . .

Yep, sometimes the pediatricians  and dermatologists (or staff in the affiliated medical offices), quite frequently the school nurses and administrators and numerous times daily, the moms, dads and other caregivers are recommending/referring/suggesting Elimilice to their family and friends. As mentioned in this article in April 2012 Atlanta's Natural Awakenings Magazine (see page 8), Elimilice … [Read more...]

Teachers with head lice

Today, we performed school level head checks at a prestigious preschool in Buckhead.   Head lice was detected on a beloved pre-K teacher.  She has college and high-school aged children herself but had never experienced head lice to date. She works with children that are 4 and 5 years old.  She is on the floor with them, they hug her and are very close to her much of the day.  You can bet that … [Read more...]

Will a buzz cut of a boy, man or a girl (I guess) eliminate a case of head lice?

Over the years, we’ve had clients – girls and moms on whom we’ve confirmed or detected head lice.  Sometimes we treat them and sometimes they choose to self/home treat.  In any event, they engage in a battle to remove the head lice and except for considering a trim or cutting a few inches if the hair is extremely long or has dry/damaged ends, for the most part, females just seem to accept that … [Read more...]

How the heck do I check for head lice?

So you receive a text from a friend who’s found head lice on her daughter, and your daughter had a sleepover with this friend’s daughter just the week before.  Or you get a notice home from your son’s school that head lice has been found in the class and you’re requested to head check your child for head lice Now what? Your first response (and this really is frequently the first response) is … [Read more...]

Head Lice Services – intown Atlanta

We are thrilled to announce that we've opened our second facility in the North Druid Hills/North Decatur area on Clairmont Road, right across from the entrance to Emory's Clairmont campus. Elimilice was the first head lice removal company with a full service facility in the Atlanta area - opened in Sandy Springs in early 2010, and because of growing demand from Atlanta's "intown" families, … [Read more...]

Is it just an itchy scalp?

We had a beautiful middle school girl in for treatment today.  She had long, thick hair down to her "bottom" and had been referred to us by an astute school nurse. Tammy (name has been changed) explained that she'd been itching for several weeks but thought that it was a change in shampoo.  By the time she came to us, her case was probably two months old and characterized by numerous adult … [Read more...]

Is it head lice?

Do I need to use a head lice removal service for detection/treatment? So many parents, especially those of young children, may not be exactly sure what they’re looking for with respect to head lice.  If you or your child have never had head lice, and you reference the magnified images available on the web, it might be difficult to be able to identify what is and what is not head lice on a … [Read more...]