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Growing a head lice business anyone?

Every single day, I am contacted by someone who needs help with head lice but is not located in our current general geographic area.  Today, for example, I was contacted by the frustrated mother of a middle school girl just east of Athens, Georgia (a vibrant city about 70 miles away) who needed our services immediately.   Further confirmation Elimilice facilities and technicians are needed in other areas . . .

Since starting this business almost two and a half years ago, I have had three basic goals:

  1. To help others who are dealing with the nuisance of head lice by educating them and when necessary, working with them to remove a case of head lice.  A severe departure from my almost 25 years as a CPA/organizational change consultant, working with for profit entities, after experiencing head lice in my own family, I became convinced that I needed to migrate to this “helping” profession.
  2. With a great respect for the flexibility needed to raise and care for a family, I have recruited, selected and hired/contracted with many individuals who are “sandwiched” in caring for their children, their parents and others.  I attempt to provide a work environment that reflects my sensitivity to my workers’ personal scheduling and family needs while still providing opportunities to make a reasonable living and for growth.
  3. Being a single parent and a child to a senior citizen myself, attempting to balance my own role as a mother, a daughter, a community member and a business owner . . . yep, trying to do it all!!!

There has proven to be great satisfaction for all involved in working toward these goals and to that end, I have formulated plans for continuing growth.  Just last month, Elimilice was able to realize one of its expansion goals by opening a second location in “intown Atlanta.”  There are other ideas in the queue that would enable the further fulfillment of the aspirations I’ve noted above, and to accelerate in executing them, we are seeking a $250,000 grant through Mission:  Small Business.This is a lofty pursuit but with assistance from people like you, we are confident we can make it happen.

Please help Elimilice procure at least 250 votes (to enable us to go further in this endeavor) on the Mission: Small Business℠ page to get closer to qualifying for a $250,000 Grant.  Here’s how.

Thank you for your support!!