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Elimilice announces summer head lice checks on Saturday mornings for $10 per person

Since we started our pre/post camp and/or vacation head lice check special a couple of weeks ago, we have been getting so many requests for Saturday head checks.  Normally, we do head lice treatments only on the weekends, and if an appointment for a treatment is made by a client (so we staff accordingly,) but it turns out to be a “false alarm,” the head check fee is $40.

However, as a service to the Atlanta community, Elimilice, the Atlanta-area’s head lice specialist, is running another special this summer – Saturday morning in facility head lice checks for $10 per person (by appointment.)

We perform a comprehensive head lice check with a manual inspection of the head as well as a wet combing with a premier lice comb.  Once we find sufficient viable evidence of head lice, we cease the check and talk to you about your head lice treatment options.  A thorough comb through will be required in the absence of head lice (to confirm such.)  The head check process generally takes us up to 15 – 20 minutes per person (but can be much quicker if a case of head lice exists).  If you own a Terminator comb, we suggest you bring it with you.   If your child needs a clearance “certification” for camp or otherwise, we’ll prepare one before you leave.

Especially if you’ve never seen a case of head lice before, we know how difficult it can be to conclude if the dirt, sand, dandruff or other debris you’re seeing on your child’s (or your) head is truly lice.  So send your children to camp and start (or conclude) your vacations with a head check at Elimilice – and be certain!

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Elimilice Summer Saturday morning $10 head check

Elimilice Summer Saturday morning $10 head check special