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Elimilice – Your Family’s Source for Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

The summer’s started off busy, and we’ve seen lots of families for our summer head check and preventive product special.   Children are being brought in for comprehensive $10 head checks so that they can be sent off to camp “head lice free” and with complete peace of mind.  Ninety five percent of those we’ve head checked have been head lice free.  Relief!!

Many parents are then scheduling the after camp head checks at the same time (and often bringing the children right to us as they get off the bus), again just to ensure that their children are not bringing home any extra mementos (or shall we say “visitors”)  from their camp experience.

Families are stocking up on preventive product as well – buying two of our effective sprays, shampoos, conditioners, Terminator combs and gels and GETTING ONE FREE!  I’m sending my own children to camp next week with big bottles of essential oil based sprays and hope that they share with their bunkmates.  Other parents tell me that they divide the product into smaller, unmarked bottles but insist their children use the yummy scented items daily and that long-haired children wear their hair up while at camp.  Combined with the head checks from Elimilice and weekly head checks/head lice combing at home otherwise, we’re sure your family will prevent a full blown case of head lice.

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