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Head lice prevention and repellant products under FIRE

So a company (and its owner) which purported to have cedar-based products that were the “best” to prevent and repel head lice and bed bugs has been fined millions of dollars  by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.   As we’ve said so many times, there are currently no “magic bullet” products for preventing and treating head lice.  No over the counter products, no prescription lotions, no home remedies and no electronic or heated air devices!  NONE!

Preventing head lice takes a little proactive work.  I maintain that telling your child not to hug another child, to stay away from the kids who are scratching their heads and even to refrain from ever sharing a brush or comb is futile in the long run.  You should use a non-toxic essential-oil based repellant (in spray or gel form) for your children.  A product with a combination of any of the following is good:  peppermint, lavender, citronella, tea tree, lemongrass, neem and rosemary.  However, we don’t recommend that the full strength oils be used (without dilution or a base) because these products can be very drying.  Girls and long-haired boys should wear their hair up – in a ponytail, bun or braid every time they’re in a group or social setting.  And most importantly, to prevent a full case of head lice, a thorough combing with a premier nit comb must occur every seven days or less.  Until your kids go to college.  No, I’m not kidding.

Treating head lice takes effort.  A lot of effort.  Sorry to be repetitive, but there really is only one shortcut, and you pay for it – a professional head lice service.  Otherwise, for self-treating (at home) there are options in terms of products to use, but the foundation is a comprehensive daily combing with a premier nit comb for a minimum of two weeks.

Every week, I see more and more products that claim to combat head lice!     I’m often contacted by manufacturers and distributors requesting that I carry their lines for sale to my clients and/or to use in our treatments.  I insist on reviewing full scientific research and ingredient lists before I will even consider getting a sample of a product.

Families are vulnerable when head lice hits.  Many have no experience with detecting or treating and don’t know where to turn.  It’s unfathomable that people/companies out there would prey on this lack of knowledge.  A full case of head lice CAN be prevented and head lice CAN be treated, but I urge you not to pay attention to anyone or believe any advertisements that convey that such is a matter of a quick spray only.

This case makes me wonder if there will be more awareness or perhaps even challenging of head lice prevention and treatment products that have not been properly studied or tested.  I certainly hope so.

We’re here to help and assure you that we will never sell you a product or service that we don’t stand behind with complete assurance.  Please feel free to contact Elimilice with questions.