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HELP! I think we have head lice AGAIN!

“I Fell Off the Bandwagon!”

Who would have thought that such an expression would be used when talking about head lice removal? However, we hear this “cry” more and more from clients who have used our services for head lice checks and head lice treatments and who were initially truly dedicated to the preventive methods we publish and preach. However, their commitment waned, and eventually – months or sometimes years later, they’re “revisited” by a case of head lice.

Earlier this week, a client from Peachtree City, Georgia who’d used us over the summer to remove head lice for herself and her daughter at our Dunwoody facility texted me for an appointment at our new Fayetteville head lice clinic. She admitted, “I was doing so well for a while but . . . I fell off the bandwagon.” Her daughter did indeed have a case of head lice and was treated in Fayetteville that day.

If you implement our suggestions, we can say without hesitation that you will indeed prevent a full-blown case of head lice (and the inevitable spread of a case to other family members.) We know all too well that it takes a little bit of time and effort but really, the alternative is so much worse.

People often ask me, when I talk about head lice prevention, “But how long will I have to do all this?” I respond quickly, “Until your children go to college, and then you give them their nit comb and spray to take with them.” This is only somewhat tongue in cheek. You want to be especially vigilant after a child has had a case of head lice, when head lice is known to be present at school or in a social/activity group and after a sleepover or sleepaway camp. However, I strongly believe in making head lice prevention a habit so that you really can avoid the nuisance indefinitely.

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