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How often do clients return to you for head lice checks or head lice removal?

As the Atlanta-area’s oldest and largest facility-based professional head lice service, we’ve had thousands of people in our chairs over the years (or seen them in their own chairs in their own homes).   Because we remove all evidence of head lice in one visit, it is standard that our clients return for just one complimentary follow-up check within a week of treatment (to ensure there’s been no re-exposure to head lice.)  During treatment and during the follow-up visit, we instruct about preventive measures in the hopes that they never have to experience head lice again.  However, many do return (many months or years later) when there is a new or suspected case of head lice.

In a recent week, I actually captured and quantified the number of return clients for one or more of our services (head check and/or treatment), and forty percent (40%) of the clients we served that week had used Elimilice for treatment in the past.

This is truly double–edged sword!  Of course, we’re always happy to see people we know and are thrilled that they were so satisfied with our service in the past that they choose us again when a head lice issue arises, but we wonder if we should be printing refrigerator magnets that say “Have you performed your weekly head lice check?” (Heck – I’m going to do that and give one to every client we see!!)

We preach head lice prevention techniques and sincerely believe in them.   Parents often tell us, “I was good for the first few months but then we got out of the habit of spraying and weekly nit combing.”  Invariably, a parent calling for an appointment months or years after they first came to Elimilice has regret in his/her voice when moaning, “I can’t believe I have to call you again.”  Although there remains no scientific evidence with respect to why certain people contract head lice more frequently than others, it has been our anecdotal experience that the more “social” children are the ones that often return.

Spending 10 – 15 minutes a week performing a thorough nit combing for your child (or yourself if you’re a teacher or work closely with children) and spraying with a non-toxic preventive spray daily before entering school/social settings – two simple techniques that are a small price to pay to avoid a full blown case of head lice.  (NOTE: Head lice prevention products remain on special until the end of the month.)

We’re here if you need us but we swear that we really prefer to only see clients return for refills on their preventive products.