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Keep Head Lice Away this Mother’s Day with Three Products for the Price of Two!

The in facility treatment special has been bringing us clients from all over Georgia – many for head lice removal and more than ever for head lice checks and treatment/preventive products.   Many have been referred by their school’s nurses or administrators or their pediatricians.  We’re so happy to meet so many people who say they didn’t even know such a service existed and who are taken by our calming staff, immaculate facilities and efficient services.  So many of these new clients have been battling head lice for a while, using products or services that have proven ineffective and they’re just thrilled to have our help.

We don’t need to do an in depth analysis to conclude that it’s most often mothers who are bringing their children (and themselves) to us.   The reality is that when a case of head lice is suspected or diagnosed, it really is so frequently Mom who is in the “line of fire,” making the appointment for professional head lice checks or lice removal or working to detect and remove the head lice at home via do-it-yourself efforts.

So, who better than to celebrate at this time of year – when cases of head lice remain abundant?  MOM!!!  As we embark on Mother’s Day weekend, how about a gift Mom can really use?  Head lice preventive products!!!  (You can pick up head lice treatment products too, but we’re not sure how much of a gift that really is for Mom . . . )

prevent and treat head lice with products on special

prevent and treat head lice with products on special

We’ll be running this special through the end of June so that your family can stock up on products for summer camp, vacations, etc.   Please call or text before you come in or call our toll free number 800-966-6903 if you’d like us to ship the product to your front door.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms (and grandmothers, aunts, special friends, caregivers and others who are mom-alikes!)