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Atlanta head lice checks and treatments by Elimilice

We know there are so many choices when it comes to head lice products and services in the Atlanta area.  We know there is so much misinformation and there are so many rumors when it comes to the detection and treatment of head liceWe know that, sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to turn and/or what to do.

Now in its fourth year of service, Elimilice has seen thousands of children, parents and other family members since beginning operations.  The oldest head lice company in Atlanta performing services in both its own specially outfitted facilities as well as clients’ homes, Elimilice is also the only one certified in university research-based head lice removal and Better Business Bureau accredited.  All technicians are extensively trained and, because new products and removal methods appear on the market all the time, receive continuing and ongoing education.

We pride ourselves on being:

Discreet – We don’t share your information with anyone else.  Although we truly believe that news of a case of head lice should be shared with all in your circle in order to minimize the possibility for “passing it around and around”, we leave the communication to you.  Whether you come to us or we come to you (and our technicians are not waving flags or nor do they come in neon-signed vehicles), we are sensitive to your privacy.

Rapid – We’ve been doing this a while and are really good at it.  We truly do treat quickly.  Very quickly in most cases.  And the head lice are gone — we’re sure of it (but include a complimentary follow up check with any treatment for your continued peace of mind).  An average short-haired person is finished in an hour or so and an average medium to long haired, an hour and a half to two hours.   Done!  This really does save weeks of treating at home.

Cost effective – Yes, head lice removal is going to absorb some resources.  Using Elimilice, it will be financial resources.  (By contrast, treating your family yourself will require money, time and sometimes, a bit of your sanity – in the short term.)   As mentioned above, the length of an Elimilice treatment for an average short-haired individual is an hour, and for a medium to long-haired person, it’s an hour and a half to two hours.  Good bye head lice.  This comparison of Elimilice’s head lice removal service to other options  might help in making the decision.

Comprehensive – In almost every case, Elimilice removes the head lice in one treatment visit.  No need to purchase products to continue to treat yourself/your child(ren) at home.  No need for a second treatment visit.  You pay for complete head lice removal, and that’s what we deliver.

Relaxed – From the minute we step into your house or you come to one of our facilities, you will feel comfortable in knowing that “we got this.”  We’ll handle the head lice removal.  You don’t have to.  We’ll make sure you and your children are comfortable.  There are movies, snacks, juice/water and usually laughter and lots of smiles.  Hey – there might even be a glass of wine involved.   We’ll give you written instructions on cleaning your home and vehicle as well as for preventing future cases of head lice.   We take all the guesswork out of this nuisance!!

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