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Comparing olive oil-based in home lice service to Elimilice’s treatment

I’ve been receiving calls from people who’ve used one of the newest in home head lice services in Atlanta with a protocol of using olive oil, having a technician head lice comb at the single home visit and having the family continue to head lice comb (continuing to use olive oil) for two to three weeks.  (The theory is that the olive oil will suffocate most of the bugs, the one time head lice combing by the head lice technician will remove many of the nits and the two to three week/every 2-3 day or so olive oil application/head lice combing by the parent(s) will remove any nits that hatch in the interim and continue to remove nits before they hatch.)

This requires continuous house cleaning and arduous effort on the part of the family.  Those who’ve contacted me after being visited by this service were not advised, when booking an appointment, that the family would need to continue to treat for two to three weeks after the technician has left and the company’s guarantee only applies if the family continues to treat themselves.   The parents I’ve heard from paid a few hundred dollars or more and are disenchanted and even upset because they are continuing to battle head lice.   In some cases, Elimilice has actually had to retreat!

So – in the spirit of “knowledge is power”  . . .

What makes Elimilice different (dare I say BETTER?)

First, we have a full staff and are a longstanding member of the community (and partner with and are a resource to schools/daycares/camps, medical professionals and similar) and have invested in facilities in Atlanta/Dunwoody and North Druid Hills/Decatur where we perform head lice removal, by appointment, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday (and late hours are available) plus Saturday and Sunday.  However, we can indeed come to your home as well if this is your preference.  We perform in home services, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm – in Atlanta and its suburbs.  Although we’re not traveling around with sirens or flashing lights on our cars (or even car magnets), I am guessing you may have passed an Elimilice technician’s car in your subdivision.  We get around.

Second, there are three basic reasons the Elimilice treatment is far superior to a single olive-oil based combing by a service with the family continuing to apply olive oil and to lice comb:

Atlanta area head lice specialist, Elimilice

  1. Elimilice utilizes superior non-toxic products.  A proprietary blend of essential oils, a vegetable/yeast based enzyme that immobilizes the head lice and loosens the fixative that holds the nits to the hair shaft and ancillary products that function as conduits to proper lice combing.  These products are nowhere near as heavy or messy as olive oil and they not only aid in complete head lice removal but they actually act as a wonderful conditioner for the scalp and hair.   They’re applied ONCE during the Elimilice treatment.
  2. Elimilice has highly experienced and talented staff. All Elimilice technicians have been extensively trained on complete head lice removal in one visit.   Most of my technicians have now been with me for years and have performed hundreds, if not thousands of removals.  I know it’s not right to boast, but I’m very proud of my team and can say with complete confidence that they are “the best.”
  3. Elimilice engages in nit picking in addition to head lice combing.  There may be times when not every nit is removed even with the best product and most thorough lice combing.   This is just the nature of head lice, and leaving viable nits increases the risk of the case “perpetuating” within a couple of weeks.   The only way we can ensure that we’ve gotten it all is to go through your head and nit pick anything that has not been removed via the head lice comb.  Without nit picking, there is no way that a service provider can claim, unequivocally, that you/your child is head lice free.   We don’t take shortcuts, we guarantee our work and we can provide you with the assurance that you’re head lice free when we’re finished.

What sets an Elimilice treatment apart from ALL head lice removal services in the Atlanta area?

It should be noted that Elimilice is the only head lice removal specialist in the Atlanta area that completely removes the head lice in one visit and does not require any additional product purchases, removal efforts or return treatment visits.  When I’m asked why another service is $5 -$15 less per treatment, it’s quite easy to explain that “you get what you pay for,” and with Elimilice, there is no need for pre-treatment, to buy treatment product or continue to lice comb for removal (although we continue to maintain that the best preventive technique is once a week lice combing which we recommend begin after a treated client has a follow up head check with us) or to return in a week for another paid treatment when a case is heavy.  We’re confident that we’ve gotten it all in the one visit for which you pay and you can be too.

We do not subscribe to the usage of heated air devices (that cannot and should not be used on young children, in any event) or other gimmicks which add an extra unnecessary layer to the process and may still be unsuccessful.

During your time with us or our time in your home, we educate you about head lice.  We show you head lice evidence, provide you with written reference materials and answer all your questions.  We become your ongoing resource on this topic.

Remember – there’s no such thing as a Lice Doctor and Atlanta’s head lice specialist is Elimilice.  Please contact us to set an appointment.