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Elimilice – Atlanta area’s answer for head lice checks, treatment and prevention

Today we had two families visit us from quite a distance for head lice checks and supposed treatments.  They explained that Elimilice had a far reaching reputation for honesty, thoroughness, a caring staff and as Atlanta’s most professional service where all head lice are removed in one visit in an immaculate spa-like setting.

The first family of four came in the morning from Alabama to our Atlanta/Dunwoody head lice facility for what they thought was to be head lice treatments but ended up being head checks only.  None had any evidence of head lice.

Later in the day, we saw two girls and their mom at our Decatur head lice facility for head lice checks and only one  treatment (of the three head checked.)  They’d traveled more than 50 miles each way to see us.

Both families were sure that all had head lice, but out of the seven individuals we checked, only one had an early case of head lice.  (It should be noted that the earlier a case of head lice is detected and completely removed, the less the likelihood of its multiplying and passing to other family members and friends.  This is why early detection and frequent head checks are key!) All were itchy and thought they’d found evidence of head lice when looking but there was no reason to worry.  We performed our thorough head lice checks (finding evidence on only one) and instructed them on how to do a proper head check at home.  We also suggested they buy effective product to perform a regular combing and prevent head lice going forward.

We hated that they’d had to travel so far for a definitive conclusion on the head lice situation for their families, but they were thrilled that Elimilice, Atlanta’s head lice specialist,  had given them “peace of mind.”

Remember that it’s not a foregone conclusion that all in the family will have head lice when one member does.  A head check BEFORE treatment (at home or via a professional service) is paramount.

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