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Elimilice, Atlanta-area’s best head lice service expands Perimeter presence into larger facility in Dunwoody

We’ve settled into our new location and are really enjoying the larger facility which is enabling us to assist more clients simultaneously.  Our clients have been thrilled with the convenient location, abundance of free parking and light and airy space (which, like all Elimilice facilities, is fabric and carpet free to provide all visitors with complete comfort and assurance when coming in for head checks, treatments or just product purchases.)

We’ve had a “rash” of long-haired middle and high school girls recently from all over Georgia, it seems.  It’s much more difficult to convince these teenagers that wearing their hair up is an effective preventative technique.  This is why we convey to parents seeking advice on avoiding contracting head lice or  preventing recurrence of head lice to get children in the habit of wearing their hair in a braid, ponytail, clipped back or a bun, using an essential-oil based gel or spray in all school/social settings and reminding their parents (especially at busy holiday times like now when there is so much to do but we must remember that the lice are celebrating too ) to lice comb weekly.

We continue to have seven day a week appointments available in our facilities and in your home via our mobile team.  We will also have availability during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so please contact us if you need assistance.