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Head Lice in African American Hair?

There are so many myths and old wives’ tales associated with head lice.

Many we hear frequently – sometimes several times a day:

  • Head lice jump.
  • Head lice fly.
  • Head lice do not like dirty hair.
  • Head lice can live off the head for two weeks.
  • Head lice nits can hatch after an extended time off the human head.
  • Head lice are killed by chlorine in a pool.
  • Head lice are the signs of a dirty environment and/or family.
  • We have to spend days cleaning the house after head lice have been found on one family member or more.
  • A person with head lice who has his (or her) hair cut very short or even buzzed will eliminate the case with the haircut.
  • A person with dyed or straightened hair is unlikely to contract head lice.

All of the above are untrue, in varying degrees, and in addition, another head lice myth which we’ve had experience  “busting” is:

Individuals of African descent do not get head lice. 


We have head checked and treated many individuals of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds including Gabbie, a beautiful six year old girl who was described to us by her mother as African American, who had a full case of head lice and who is featured in this video.  You’ll note specific techniques developed by Elimilice to treat African American hair for head lice (and utilized on Gabbie.)  It’s a labor-intensive process – removing every adult head louse, maturing nymphs and nits, but is one that works without the use of any toxic or harsh products.  Gabbie’s hair had never been processed or chemically treated so she was “all natural.”

Although it does appear true that African Americans do not get head lice as frequently as other ethic groups (and we’re surmising this is primarily because of the turn and coarseness of the hair as well as the common use of products), those of African descent are NOT IMMUNE to head lice and should be head checked when exposed to others with head lice (and treated if necessary.)

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