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Magic Potion (I Mean) Lotion to Get Rid of Head Lice?

There’s been a lot of press recently about the newest product in the battle against head lice, a prescription-only lotion which is applied for just ten minutes and is reported to not require subsequent head lice combing.  Sklice® which is topical ivermectin, received FDA approval in February and an article about it appeared recently in the The New England Journal of Medicine.

So is it the answer to the age old nuisance of completely eradicating head lice?

Two separate studies rendered results of almost 95% effectiveness  the day after treatment with Sklice (which I interpret to mean that in almost 95% of those in the study, there were no bugs remaining the next day.  Since it was reported that no lice combing occurred, I am conjecturing that there was no evaluation of the nits that remained on the hair).  However, the effectiveness dropped to  between 71 and 76 percent effectiveness two weeks after treatment.  Therefore, it’s obvious that the lotion is not completely ovicidal (that is, it doesn’t kill all the head lice nits (eggs) which then hatch and create the cycle again.)

Over a quarter of those that used Sklice were therefore still “battling” a case of head lice two weeks post-treatment and the product HAD NOT eradicated it.  They were also exposing others with whom they came in head to head contact after treatment because nits were continuing to hatch into bugs.  (As an aside, this product purports to require NO COMBING.  However, for those in schools that have “no nit” policies (i.e. children cannot be in school with any evidence of nits including shells or non-viable eggs), this product would definitely need to be accompanied by thorough head lice combing.)

The product is “third tier” on most insurance plans and can therefore cost over $300 for a single application.   It is not recommended for children less than six months old and many medical professionals have expressed a sentiment similar to this one:  “Ivermectin should be the last choice . . .  Management should also include more frequent checking for head-louse infestation in families and schools.”

Nevertheless, does it appear that this product is better than (over-the-counter products) Rid and Nix and even the prescription Malathion (Ovide) currently available?  Absolutely – and the study proved this.   (See also the side note below with respect to use of the product in specific cases.)

However, as I’ve written before, there really is no silver bullet for the removal of head lice.  It is a process and even the newest products which are backed by deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies are not the definitive answer.

So how can 100% effective and proper head lice removal be achieved?  I’m sure it comes as no surprise:  using a professional service with head lice specialists trained and experienced in the complete removal of all adult lice, maturing nymphs and head lice nits in one visit.  In Atlanta, the answer is Elimilice, the area’s largest head lice removal service with a full team of expert head lice removal technicians, two convenient treatment facilities, seven day a week appointments and a traveling crew of experienced mobile technicians to visit clients’ homes.  We do all the work for you.  In almost every case, we can remove head lice in one treatment visit and guarantee our work to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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SIDE NOTE:  Elimilice has actually recommended the use of Sklice for those individuals who were unable to undergo comprehensive professional lice removal.  Specifically, head lice removal requires that a person hold his/her head still for one to three hours, on average and that s/he be seated with minimal movement during the process.  If such is impossible, we consider the use of Sklice with an ongoing daily head lice combing with a premier nit comb (by parents or caregivers) to be an effective alternative.