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Teachers with head lice

Today, we performed school level head checks at a prestigious preschool in Buckhead.   Head lice was detected on a beloved pre-K teacher.  She has college and high-school aged children herself but had never experienced head lice to date.

She works with children that are 4 and 5 years old.  She is on the floor with them, they hug her and are very close to her much of the day.  You can bet that there is “head to head” contact with her students.  Some of these children have older siblings (in large public and private elementary schools) so there is the possibility that the younger children could contract head lice from an older sibling and “bring it” to the pre-school environment.  In our head lice treatment facilities, we head check and treat many children who are of daycare and pre-school age.

The teacher we identified with head lice this morning came to Elimilice for treatment, and we removed the entire case of head lice in one visit.  She will return early next week for a follow up head check visit.  We talked to her at length about the need for her to engage in preventative procedures, just as we talk to the parents of our school-aged children (and the children themselves.)

It’s important to wear the hair up, to use an essential-oil based preventative spray and to do head lice checks with a premier head lice comb once a week.  Contact us for more details.