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The True VALUE of Head Lice Removal

Oh – if I had $1 for every time someone asking for service pricing said, “You’re so expensive,” I might really be wealthy.  Well, maybe $5 for every time someone made such a comment . . . .

Professional head lice removal is a specialized pursuit requiring the use of costly non-chemical products, and eliminating head lice either as a professional or as a parent/caregiver is very time consuming and labor intensive.   As I’ve said before, although there are many options, there really are none that are “magic”.  Professional head lice services reduce the time and energy dedicated to the removal process and with Elimilice’s service, provide you with the complete assurance that all the head lice are gone in one treatment visit.

If you actually consider the value of comfort, time lost at work and school and the cost of over-the-counter, prescription or other products, often using a professional service is LESS EXPENSIVE.   After finally utilizing Elimilice for the complete removal of head lice, parents often tell me they wish they’d come to Elimilice BEFORE they’d invested their time and money in unsuccessful attempts at removing the head lice.

The table here will provide some more details in terms of estimates on costs and time with respect to the varying options and to further embellish:

Over the counter (Rid, Nix or similar) – These are still the first choice of and recommended line of defense by many medical professionals and are the easiest/least costly to procure.   Recent studies provide continuing evidence that these products are less and less effective and some are even slightly toxic.  Every single day, we see clients who have been previously treated with these products, directions followed closely and still, they have head lice.  The temptation to use these products aggressively appears to be strong (for example, some people might use multiple brands of products on the same day, leave the product on longer than for directed, follow up with an additional application of the treatment in a shorter duration than reflected in the directions, etc.).  We often see agitated scalps, broken hair and hear complaints of ongoing itchiness which result from the presumed overuse of these products.  And the head lice still exist!

Prescription (non-toxic and otherwise) – The non-toxic lotions available by prescription can be pricey if you don’t have “generous” prescription coverage through your health plan (or don’t have coverage at all.)  Studies indicate that they’re more effective than the over-the-counter products but still, even the newest/most effective is up to only 74%  effective.  As I describe here, that means that more than one quarter of the people who use it will therefore still have head lice, exposing others to the continuing cycle.   Coupled with the right head lice comb (see below) and a dedication to two weeks of daily combing, we believe that success can be obtained.  Cursory cleaning of the home should continue until all evidence of head lice is completely removed.

Other remedies – We’ve heard them all.  Cetaphil (cap), olive oil, mayonnaise, Listerine, conditioner, hot iron, etc.  We see evidence (like blue green nits when Listerine’s been attempted) of their usage when we’re treating individuals who have been unsuccessful in their attempts.  However, coupled with the right lice comb (see below) and a dedication to two weeks of daily combing, we believe that success can be obtained.  Cursory cleaning of the home should continue until all evidence of head lice is completely removed.

Elimilice products/premier head lice comb – Your greatest tool for head lice removal and prevention is a premier head lice comb.  If you read this blog frequently or are a client of ours, you know that we keep making reference to it.  We believe that most products (with the exception of the Rid or Nix only), when coupled with a daily combing for  at least two weeks will enable you to remove the case of head lice completely.   Then, you want to use the comb every seven days or less to comb your child for the balance of his/her school career.  This is your best tool for prevention of head lice.  Additionally, Elimilice sells the products that it uses for head lice removal, in a kit form (and the kid includes one of the premier combs).  Please contact us to purchase.

ServicesIn almost every case, Elimilice removes the head lice in one treatment visit.  We provide you with written instructions on cleaning your home and car and on preventive procedures for reducing the risk of contracting head lice again.   After the treatment visit is complete, you can return to your life.  There might be a bit of cleaning, but there will be no more need for treatment.  We include a complimentary recheck to ensure there has been no further exposure to head lice and 45 days of further rechecks, by appointment, for $10 each if you feel you’d like ongoing assurance.

It’s important to remember that not all head lice services are “created equal.”  Elimilice provides head lice detection and removal services in your home or in our Decatur or Dunwoody facilities.   We adhere to very strict sanitary guidelines and the word “immaculate” has been used by clients to describe our facilities and us.  Our technicians have been intensely trained and have years of experience in head lice removal.  We may take a bit longer than the other services in town because we are significantly more thorough.  All the services use non-toxic product and comb with a premier head lice instrument.  Elimilice is the only service that first performs a thorough combing but then also goes through every hair, strand-by-strand and removes any nit the comb did not get.  There are times when, utilized by someone trained and experienced, the comb (coupled with the proper product) might indeed be sufficient, but we’re really fastidious and refuse to release treated individuals who are paying for our services or guarantee our work until we go the extra mile and inspect every piece of hair to ensure that all the head lice is truly gone.   Some services require you personally continue to comb in the ensuing days (with product you purchase from them) and some require, if a case is heavy, that you consider returning for another treatment within several days or so.  Some charge for follow up head checks.  Again, when the one time Elimilice treatment is finished, there is no further need for treatment processes.  None.  There are no adult lice, no maturing lice or nits (eggs.)  NONE.  We may take a little longer on the first round (and might even cost nominally more) but you’re DONE.


So I guess ultimately, the question is:

What is the complete removal of head lice with only non-toxic products/methods in one treatment visit, a comprehensive education in head lice prevention and your/your child’s time and comfort  worth to you?

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