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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to Treat Head Lice



I so understand how alarming it is to be presented with a case of head lice – especially at night when professional head lice services like Elimilice and pharmacies are closed.  You want to eliminate the head lice quickly and must get a start on it!!   However, using petroleum jelly WILL NOT solve the problem.    It might indeed suffocate some of the bugs if you leave it on long enough and have thoroughly coated every strand of hair (which is unlikely), but it will do nothing for the nits.

And the removal of the petroleum jelly can be as arduous as removing the head lice.  It will be nearly impossible to get to the nits under the coating the petroleum jelly will leave, and even the best head lice/nit comb will be rendered ineffective as it slips through the petroleum  jelly without grasping at the bugs and nits.

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