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Can I handle the lice removal myself?

Elimilice, the Atlanta and Athens areas’ premier head lice specialist, offers the convenience of complete elimination of head lice, nymphs and nits in one visit with a follow-up head check visit (2 to 7 days post treatment) to ensure that no additional exposure has occurred. Therefore, the process of cleaning your car and home environment need only occur immediately after all family members have been treated.

If you choose to treat your family yourself, we recommend that you engage in vigorous and vigilant lice combing and nit picking for a minimum of two to three weeks – at least once, every single day. Additionally, as long as evidence of head lice continues to exist during your at home treatment process, you will need to follow up with cleaning. We strongly discourage the use of the over-the-counter products that contain slight amounts of pesticide (which have proven over time to be less and less ineffective) and suggest the use of the nontoxic treatment products (available through us and other establishments).

If you’re on the road to removing the head lice for yourself/your family on your own, Elimilice also has a hotline to answer questions and develop a treatment program for those who’d like a little assistance.  Please feel free to contact us for details.