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Do you offer a follow up treatment? Why?

Yes, the Elimilice package includes a follow-up hair and scalp check (to occur within 2 to 7 of the initial treatment) at no charge. This is an important component of our process since nits are extremely resistant to products and must be manually removed. If even only a couple of nits are missed, they may hatch within up to 7-12 days and begin feeding, potentially creating a full blown re-infestation within a few short weeks. Additionally, although you may be vigilant about having all your family members treated for head lice, this is not always the case with others with whom your children may interact. For example, your child might return to school head lice free, but if classmates are still infested, there is a likelihood of re-infestation for your child. For this reason and your further comfort, we offer clients unlimited comprehensive head checks for 45 days post treatment for a fee of $ 10 per visit. Our follow-up head checks ensure that we catch any further exposure early – before they become full cases again. We will also work with you to contact your child’s school administrators, and Elimilice offers full scale school head checks in an attempt to contain or curtail large outbreaks.