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Does the Elimilice treatment kill head lice?

Be careful about products and services that claim to completely KILL HEAD LICE (especially if the assertion is also made that it can be accomplished without combing or nit picking.) Many of the commercially available products contain insecticides, but it’s been proven that the bugs are developing a resistance to these products, often rendering them ineffective. Other over-the-counter non-toxic products would need to be applied to the head for an extended period of time in order for them to actually kill an adult louse or maturing nymph.

Additionally, research indicates that NO product can kill lice eggs (nits). Without removing every nit, the risk of additional infestation exists. The only confirmed way to completely remove a case of head lice in one treatment is to manually remove every louse, nymph and nit.

Each Elimilice treatment includes the utilization of a completely non-toxic, food grade vegetable-based enzyme as well as proprietary head lice removal oils and lotions. These products are designed to attack the exoskeleton of the lice in order to quickly stigmatize/immobilize them, loosen the fixative that holds the nits to the hair shaft and render the removal process most effective. Head lice may be killed during treatment, but the cornerstone of the Elimilice process is the complete manual removal of all evidence (every adult louse, adolescent nymph and viable and non-viable nit) in one treatment visit.