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How is Elimilice different?

For starters, Elimilice has been identified as the Atlanta-area’s premier head lice specialist.  Only nontoxic products are used to effectively remove nits and lice from hair. This is significant since the use of the over-the-counter, readily available lice removal products may pose health risks to young and adult clients alike, and these products are becoming increasingly ineffective. Additionally, Elimilice’s professional technicians are trained to find the hard-to-see nits and know how to manually remove them from the hair and head in one treatment visit. This one-two punch of product and process is critical to the effective removal of head lice. Many lice removal services suggest a second “retreatment” within a week or less and charge for such. In almost every case, we are able to guarantee complete removal in ONE VISIT.

Elimilice is currently the only provider in the area that not only combs out all the adult lice and nymphs but manually inspects every single strand of hair and removes every nit during the treatment visit. Other services comb only or may comb and perform a modified nit picking, but Elimilice technicians look at every hair and therefore are able to remove all evidence in one visit.

Every individual treated is also seen by two technicians at the treatment visit – one who performs the treatment and one who performs a thorough quality control inspection. Additionally, we provide you with written information on how to eliminate lice from your home, car and other environments and on reducing the risk of re-infestation.

Finally, we see you for a complimentary follow-up head check 2 to 7 days after your treatment visit to ensure that the lice are gone, and for your further comfort and assurance, we offer unlimited follow up head checks for forty-five days subsequent to treatment for $ 10 per visit.

It should also be noted that Elimilice is the only Better Business Bureau accredited lice removal service in Georgia. This is all we do and we take it and your family’s situation very seriously.