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How much will the treatment cost?

We are currently offering discounted pricing of $95 for short hair and $150 for medium to long hair for both in clinic and in home services.  For in home services, there is also a $40 travel fee per technician within the greater Atlanta area and a $125 minimum (exclusive of the travel fee) for each visit to your home.  We also frequently run specials and discounts.

It’s important to note that this price is for the complete removal of head lice (nits, nymphs and adult lice) in one treatment plus a follow up head check (which will be booked in one of our facilities for between two and seven days past treatment.) It also includes written instructions on what to do in your home, an education on what to do going forward to prevent future cases of head lice and unlimited phone consultation time.

Historically, more than two-thirds of our clients have already tried to navigate the head lice removal process themselves. They come to us frustrated, downtrodden and after having sometimes spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter and home remedies, prescription lotions and other lice elimination products. They have dedicated hours and hours to the process and have sometimes put their children through a nightmare in trying to self-treat.

Treating yourself/your family is indeed a very viable option and we will be happy to direct you toward the appropriate tools and products to facilitate such. However, you must be prepared to dedicate yourself to a minimum of two to three weeks of daily lice combing/nit picking and the corollary house/car cleaning that must be undertaken until the case of head lice is completely eradicated.

Elimilice offers the service of one visit, effective treatment so your children can get back to school, you can get back to work or your other pursuits, you need only clean the house (and we will provide you with written instructions on exactly what you need to do to your home and car as there are many mistruths on the internet and communicated via old wives’ tales) and this does not become a traumatic experience.

Many families come to us completely distressed yet they leave relieved and — SMILING!