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If I come to your treatment facility, will my family or I contract head lice?

There is truly no risk of contracting head lice while at Elimilice’s Dunwoody or Decatur facilities. Head lice do not jump, hop or fly, and they are mainly passed from person to person via head to head contact. Although we’re a friendly place, we have never had clients or visitors rub heads while at our facility. Additionally, nits, once removed from the hair cannot reattach, and nymphs and adult head lice are severely weakened once they are removed from their “host sight” (i.e. the head.)

Every treatment station and lice removal utensil is sanitized after each client and technicians are constantly washing their hands.

We have specifically denoted “head lice free” play and waiting areas, and there is no fabric or carpeting anywhere in our facility. Our waiting areas are cleaned several times daily and we discourage young children from playing on the floors in treatment rooms while parents or older siblings are being treated.

It should also be noted that no Elimilice technician has ever had a case of head lice that was contracted from the treatment facility or a client. We have often been told by clients who have had head lice removal services performed both in their homes and in our facility that they prefer the sanitary conditions, comfortable environment and superior treatment equipment at the Elimilice facility.