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Is it better to come to one of Elimilice’s facilities or to use Elimilice or another service in our home for treatment?

We are happy to rid your family of head lice in either our treatment facilities or your home!

However, we are often asked by clients calling us for an appointment if it would be preferential for the services to occur in one of our facilities or in their home.

After seeing thousands of individuals in both home and treatment facility environments, we believe there are benefits to both:

PROS – in facility treatment:

  • The enhanced lighting, proper seating, appropriate tools and availability of product and personnel at our facilities enable us to remove the head lice quickly and effectively.   Most of the time, we can work on all family members simultaneously so that the overall time spent on the process is minimized.
  • We also have head lice free play and waiting areas, snacks/drinks, individual DVD players and an extensive library of DVD’s for your children’s enjoyment. Our clients frequently tell us that our spaces are so clean, comfortable and inviting.
  • Treatment at one of our facilities places the burden of cleaning, after the treatment, on the Elimilice staff. A treatment in your home could  leave bugs in the area where you or your children are having the head lice removal, and although it’s highly unlikely that a reinfestation will occur as a result of such, why take the risk? Having treatment on a kitchen stool or dining room chair with standard home lighting is truly not nearly as efficient as having treatment in a facility that was designed for the sole purpose of the detection and removal of head lice. We also clean and disinfect our individual stations after each client and our common areas (waiting rooms, toy areas, restrooms) several times each day.
  • The opportunity exists for us to position parents in such a way to make children being treated as comfortable and at ease as possible.
  • At our Dunwoody (Atlanta) and North Decatur/North Druid Hills (Decatur) treatment facilities, we have seen families from all over Atlanta, Georgia and its suburbs, including Buckhead, Midtown, Virginia Highland, Morningside, Inman Park, Candler Park and Decatur as well as from the Atlanta suburbs, including Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, John’s Creek, Milton, Woodstock, Cumming, Suwanee, Dekalb County, Fulton County and Cobb County.
  • The in facility Elimilice service differs from many other home and “salon” services in that two technicians are involved in every treatment (one to perform the treatment and one to quality control inspect). In addition, unlike many other head lice removal services, our treatment includes a complimentary follow up head check (within 2 to 7 days of treatment) to ensure that there has been no additional exposure to head lice. This is an extremely important component to providing you with the comfort you need in knowing that the head lice are GONE.

PROS – in home treatment:

  • All family members do not have to travel for check and treatment, when necessary (and who doesn’t like to avoid the local traffic situation?)
  • The comfort of a known environment for all family members can make the process less stressful – especially younger children (although, to be honest, we sometimes find that this can work against the process in attempting to keep a child still and relaxed.)
  • We can accommodate your whole family with later evening appointments, and family members can continue to “go about their business” in your home when one person is being checked/treated.

All follow-up head checks occur in one of our facilities, and  for 45 days post treatment, you can schedule as many in facility follow-up head checks as you’d like (for a fee of $ 10 each) to provide even more assurance!

Please see our pricelist and contact us to make an appointment.