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We think there are only nits on our child’s hair. Does s/he need to be treated?

This is actually a somewhat controversial question. There are some organizations and individuals that maintain that treatment of a child with nits only is unnecessary and gratuitous. However, it has been our experience that an individual who presents with viable nits may also have live bugs on his/her hair and even if there are only several viable nits or so, without treatment, the majority of those nits may hatch with a male and female present, and within a few short weeks, a full blown case of head lice will exist.

It should be noted that, in the presence of only a few viable and/or non-viable nits or less, we suggest a thorough lice combing with a premier lice comb every one to three days for two to three weeks but do not recommend a full treatment.

For your child’s well-being and protection and that of his/her classmates, friends and family members, it is extremely important to address the presence of nits on the head by either treating or performing a “modified treatment” (lice combing over a two to three week span of time.)