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Why should I pay a service for head lice removal when I can certainly manage it myself?

We agree wholeheartedly that families can indeed identify and remove head lice with the proper tools/products and a dedicated effort.  We offer our service only to reduce some of the worry and burden and significantly reduce the painstaking process.   We are truly a convenience.   Instead of days and days of combing, picking and cleaning, we offer the option of  one treatment visit in one of our facilities or  your home for complete head lice removal.  COMPLETE REMOVAL . . . and just one cleaning of your home and car.  You go back to work and your child goes back to school or camp the same day or the next day (if treatment is completed later in the day.)

With Elimilice, there is no more combing or application of product to remove the case (and we urge you to be careful when surveying services that require a. you buy product to continue to work on removing the case of head lice AFTER treatment has occurred by a professional and/or b. a follow up treatment visit for a heavy or difficult case.)

Because we not only comb but we look at every single strand of hair on the treated individual’s head and manually remove any nits the comb did not get, we can say with complete assurance that the case of head lice is eliminated BEFORE you pay the bill.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the value of your time and your children’s time, the cost of the alternate products and methods and how much your comfort and your children’s comfort is worth to you.

To help with your analysis, we’ve prepared this table for Elimilice’s professional head lice removal as compared to other options.  Please note reference to self-treatment via an Elimilice product.  This is utilizing the comb and products that we use for treatment, and we sell these items for “do it yourselfers” in a conveniently packaged kit.  We completely understand that head lice removal by a professional service is a significant financial endeavor, and we therefore know that many will choose to self-treat.  If you’re on the road to removing the head lice for yourself/your family on your own, Elimilice also has a hotline to answer questions and develop a treatment program for those who’d like assistance.

Please feel free to contact us about our services.