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Head lice free this holiday season . . .

In the spirit of giving at this time of the year, Elimilice is offering a holiday discount to all existing and new clients through December 31, 2013.  Please use it to stock up on preventive product (head lice prevention basket as a gift anyone?), to have your family head checked before (or after) social gatherings or, if necessary, for head lice treatment.  The 15% discount applies to all … [Read more...]

Elimilice – Your Family’s Source for Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

The summer's started off busy, and we've seen lots of families for our summer head check and preventive product special.   Children are being brought in for comprehensive $10 head checks so that they can be sent off to camp "head lice free" and with complete peace of mind.  Ninety five percent of those we've head checked have been head lice free.  Relief!! Many parents are then scheduling the … [Read more...]

Head lice questions answered

I have been "making the rounds," and speaking to concerned families, staff members and administrators at lots of schools and daycares in recent weeks about head lice symptoms, detection, treatment options and prevention.  I was at a lovely private Pre-K through 8 school this morning talking to and answering questions from parents, one of the school's nurses and a few of its … [Read more...]