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Head Lice Facts: What parents should know about natural head lice treatment, pricing and precautions

Spotting a white speck on the child’s hair is certain to make parents panic. Each year millions of school-aged children get head lice. Head lice may be a nuisance, however, they don’t cause serious ailments or carry any disease. Remember, head lice can be treated at home.

What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny insects that are found on human hair and scalp. These insects feed on tiny amounts of blood and hence, their bites cause itchiness and discomfort. It is not only children but adults can also get head lice. But, children are the most common victims of head lice infestation due to their close contacts with their peer group during studying and playing. In fact, lice also breeds on the healthy scalps and hair.

Do not worry, there are several natural head lice treatment that help your child get rid of irritation.

Several non-medical lice treatment have been used over ages to treat lice infestations. Some of them include:

  • Lice comb: Lice comb has proven to be effective in treating the head lice. Therefore, comb your child’s hair with lice comb three times a day for over three weeks.
  • Smothering the lice: Natural lice treatment mostly suffocates the lice. This treatment staggers the growth of the lice in the scalp or hair and make them slower and easier to catch on the comb.
  • Oil treatment: Separate the hair of your child into small sections and clip them in such a way that it will not thwart you from making small sections. Apply olive or almond oil can help in treating the lice. Once you have combed your child’s hair thoroughly and applied oil, rinse the comb with hot water.

In the meantime, you must note that bed linen, hats, clothing and furniture do not harbour or transmit lice. Therefore, washing them frequently can be considered only as a treatment option. This is because human scalp is the only habitat of lice. When removed from the head, they quickly dehydrate and die.

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