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Looking for alternative treatment of Traditional Head Lice? Then you should try ‘Elimilice’ Natural process for head lice elimination

Breaking out of lice puts parents in fear. Something that is definitely moving in your children’s hair certainly drives parents crazy. In many instances, parents tend to spray pesticides all over the house when the child is infested with lice. Unfortunately, this is one of the misconceptions about the spread of lice.

Lice spread through contact with contaminated hair, clothing, hairbrushes, combs or bedding. Once lice are in the hair, you have no choice but to get rid of the louse eggs that are attached to the hair shafts. However, you need not freak out. There are some important facts one must know about lice. Lice lay eggs only after they are 10 days old. Therefore, eliminating lice by killing them or combing out all of the adults helps you prevent the outbreak.

Many use traditional methods such as using shampoo and conditioner which contains lot of chemicals. Needless to say, children’s growing bodies are far less able to process these chemicals. Less developed immune system and the underdeveloped detoxification processes make them more susceptible and sensitive to the toxic threats of pesticides like Malathion, Permethrin, and Lindane. On the other hand, chemical-laden lice treatment products become less effective against head lice as they build up a tolerance to different chemicals. Therefore, natural head lice treatment is definitely a safe option.

Some natural methods to get rid of lice include applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the scalp, combing and using essential oils. Lice are less likely to migrate to someone else’s head until they have laid eggs. Scrubbing essential oils on scalp for three weeks can not only suffocate the lice but is also effective in treating the lice without having to use a lice comb.

Likewise, Elimilice is dedicated to helping you get of head lice through these natural lice treatment. At Elimilice, we use the combination of all-natural and non-toxic products that lead to the fast and safe removal of parasites. To get rid of natural head lice, call us or drop an e-mail to us right away.