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Treatments for head lice

We treated a shaggy-haired fifth grade boy today for head lice today.   As described by his mother when she booked the appointment for the treatment, he was “crawling.”  She noted he’d contracted head lice before school ended (two months ago) and she’d been treating ever since.

His mother, a family practice physician, had tried Cetaphil, Listerine and Ulesfia.   Clearly, none were completely effective.  She kept exclaiming, “I had him clean.  I had him clean.  I don’t understand this.”   Obviously – he was not head lice free as a result of any of the methods this medical professional had used.

She’d also NOT head lice combed him daily for two weeks as we continually preach.

Looking for head lice, checking for head lice, detecting head lice and finding head lice

Every single day, we head check children and parents who are treated at home by their parents.  Those who have adhered to the protocol we convey are almost always successful in eliminating the head lice.  Those who use the ineffective over the counter treatment products, prescriptions or other “home remedies” without also engaging in a daily head lice combing with a premier comb are often unsuccessful.

Elimilice offers the service of head lice free in one treatment visit.  This is truly a convenience for so many families who do not have the time or energy to perform a daily combing for a minimum of two weeks to ensure that all lice and nits are removed.  Please contact us for more details.