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Head lice removal specialist, Elimilice featured on NBC television affiliate, 11Alive

As Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company, Elimilice, was recently featured as the area’s head lice expert in a television segment on NBC-affiliate, 11Alive.  I spoke with the reporter about how I got into this business (after my then 5 year old daughter contracted head lice three times in less than a year), how there is NO reason to be ashamed by having head lice as it is becoming more and more common (and particularly how head lice truly seem to affect the more social children and “loving” families where there is frequent head to head contact) and how there really are methods, techniques and products that can help to prevent a case of head lice from ever becoming  “full blown”.

The piece arose as a member of the staff at the television station thought that her own children (and she and her husband) had contracted head lice.  She was extremely alarmed, learned that Elimilice was the most respected head lice removal company in Atlanta and called and texted me late into the evening before we actually head checked the family the next day and determined they DID NOT HAVE head lice.  This loving mother was shocked as she had been CERTAIN she and her family were “covered.”

This was the impetus for her to pitch the story about Elimilice and some of the myths surrounding head lice.  I told her that her reaction was not isolated – that many parents of children (especially those who’ve never experienced head lice) are truly frightened and disgusted by what they think their families might be experiencing.  In many cases (for Elimilice, it’s about 75% of those we head check now), head lice is not even present.  We educate families on how to perform a proper head check.   We also advise on options for treating family members via our one treatment process in one of our facilities or via our mobile service in a client’s home or for self-treating at home (with the same product and tools that we use at Elimilice).

Misinformation about head lice abounds on the internet and via “old wives tales.”   Seven days a week, I receive phone calls from parents, grandparents, sports team coaches, teachers, school administrators, etc. who are just seeking advice and guidance.

Head lice prevention is key and it is our goal to teach the methods for such to all of our clients (and really anyone who will listen.  I think my friends and family are SICK of hearing me tout these ways to prevent head lice.)  In a nutshell, hair up (for long haired individuals – braids, buns or pony tails), essential oil based product (spray and/or gel) applied any time a child is in a social/school situation and a thorough combing with a premier lice comb.

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