Atlanta Lice Removal Service

Elimilice™ is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company of trained head lice elimination professionals, dedicated to affordable, safe, nontoxic and effective head lice removal in one visit!

Elimilice™ was born from personal experience after mother of two, Eileen Fishman, came head-to-head with the nuisance of head lice.

Atlanta Head Lice Removal Service

Known to family and friends as a bit of a clean freak, Eileen was troubled when her oldest daughter's school continually sent word home of head lice outbreaks. Eileen began researching (since in addition to a clean freak, she's also something of an information hound) to learn as much as possible about the situation. She was alarmed to find that so many of the head lice removal products, readily available in grocery and drug store chains, included pesticides and chemicals - some so dangerous the FDA has banned them in all other products except those for head lice removal. She was also surprised to learn that the head lice removal products were becoming more and more ineffective as head lice were building a resistance to them.

When her daughter actually came home from summer camp with head lice in her own long, thick and wavy hair, Eileen thought she was ready to do battle. So, armed with olive oil, towels, store-bought plastic head lice combs, blow dryer and hair straightening iron, she went boldly to the front lines. The two week plus process of head lice removal was arduous for Eileen, yes, but even worse for a 5-year-old whose head (and patience) had to endure it all. Meanwhile, Eileen cleaned and vacuumed bedding, clothing and toys while trashing numerous hair and head implements.

"There had to be a better way," thought an exhausted Eileen.

And after more research, she found it - eventually training with and obtaining her certification from the nationally recognized Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions, which advocates strand-by-strand inspection to manually remove head lice and nits from the hair and scalp.

A CPA with a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, Eileen has twenty five years of experience with small and mid-sized businesses. This experience has provided her with a keen insight and appreciation for true customer service and niche services.

Though she's managed, run and even owned other businesses in the past, Elimilice is the first that has incorporated her own experiences on such a personal level. She understands first-hand what it's like to have a child with head lice - the disgust, the frustration, the time involved to remove them as well as the cash outlay. She speaks her clients' language and has made it her personal goal to put people at ease while her team of trained head lice removal technicians eliminate the issues using the safest products and procedures available.