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How to get rid of head lice/nits in your kids hair and know more about its treatment services

No one even wants to think about head lice. However, even cleanest of child cannot avoid bringing home the lice because schools, playgrounds, parties and even day care are the places where children  becomes an easy target of head lice. Getting rid of lice is very important but chemical usage to kill head lice can lead to terrible problems if it is used more often and that too on a young child. … [Read more...]

Looking for lice removal treatment in home? Elimilice provides head lice treatment in home services in Atlanta and Athens, GA area.

Are your children infested with head lice? Do you prefer home remedies over chemical medication for treating a head lice infestation? Look no further as Elimilice provides head lice treatment in Atlanta, Fayetteville/Peachtree City and Athens, GA area. We are well-informed that the major victims of head lice are children. Hence, we offer traditional home remedies for lice removal that can easily … [Read more...]

Looking for alternative treatment of Traditional Head Lice? Then you should try ‘Elimilice’ Natural process for head lice elimination

Breaking out of lice puts parents in fear. Something that is definitely moving in your children’s hair certainly drives parents crazy. In many instances, parents tend to spray pesticides all over the house when the child is infested with lice. Unfortunately, this is one of the misconceptions about the spread of lice. Lice spread through contact with contaminated hair, clothing, hairbrushes, … [Read more...]

Head Lice Facts: What parents should know about natural head lice treatment, pricing and precautions

Spotting a white speck on the child’s hair is certain to make parents panic. Each year millions of school-aged children get head lice. Head lice may be a nuisance, however, they don’t cause serious ailments or carry any disease. Remember, head lice can be treated at home. What are head lice? Head lice are tiny insects that are found on human hair and scalp. These insects feed on tiny amounts … [Read more...]

Head lice lessons learned this past holiday season

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  This year, in addition to all the eating, family time, EATING and gift giving/receiving, the memory made for several in my family related to head lice prevention and treatment. Over and over, my technicians and I preach about head lice prevention.   We really do sound like broken records, but it's because we sincerely believe that a full blown case of … [Read more...]

HELP! I think we have head lice AGAIN!

"I Fell Off the Bandwagon!" Who would have thought that such an expression would be used when talking about head lice removal? However, we hear this “cry” more and more from clients who have used our services for head lice checks and head lice treatments and who were initially truly dedicated to the preventive methods we publish and preach. However, their commitment waned, and eventually – … [Read more...]

Sharing the head lice “wealth”

We're frequently asked why it seems that there are more and more cases of head lice around.   With several years of data, we’ve been gathering, calculating and quantifying about head lice treatments (hey – everyone needs a hobby) . . . It seems that head lice really do like to “keep it in the family” . . . Our findings: When one child under 13 years of age in a family has a case of head … [Read more...]

Show Me the Lice!!!

So, a father called last Saturday morning for an appointment for his whole family.   They had used our head lice services in the past and he booked five head checks with two likely treatments for that same day. When the family arrived, they advised us that they’d used the olive oil service in their home the night before but were terribly unhappy with the service. As a matter of fact, the … [Read more...]

Elimilice opens Fayetteville location to service Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan and surrounding areas

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our newest full service head lice clinic in Fayetteville, Georgia. In the past five years, so many clients from Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan and even further south in Georgia have travelled to our Dunwoody and Decatur locations or our mobile team has travelled to the clients' homes.  It became clear that the area needed a dedicated … [Read more...]

Elimilice Expands Dunwoody, Atlanta Facility

After an absolutely crazy summer and back to school season, when we checked and treated more children and adults with head lice than ever before in our Dunwoody and Decatur locations and via our mobile service and assisted numerous learning facilities and camps with head checks and on site treatments, it became obvious that we needed more room and resources to help Atlanta-area families with their … [Read more...]