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My head is itching! It must be head lice.

Every day we're contacted by people with some variation on this comment – asking for an appointment if they’re in the Atlanta area or via our hotline requesting advice/instructions on performing a head check or head lice removal if they’re outside of the Atlanta-area. Because an itchy head means head lice, right?  Because there’s a lot of media play recently about “selfies causing head lice” … [Read more...]

Is it head lice?

School's out and the summer season is nearing.   Here in the Atlanta area, we've had lot of sunny/hot days and our share of rain.  We also had a relatively mild winter. Therefore, there are bugs.  To me, sometimes, it seems like there are A LOT of bugs.  I'm one of those people that mosquitoes and spiders seem to really enjoy and my arms and legs are proof positive of that. What Do You … [Read more...]

Magic Potion (I Mean) Lotion to Get Rid of Head Lice?

There’s been a lot of press recently about the newest product in the battle against head lice, a prescription-only lotion which is applied for just ten minutes and is reported to not require subsequent head lice combing.  Sklice® which is topical ivermectin, received FDA approval in February and an article about it appeared recently in the The New England Journal of Medicine. So is it the … [Read more...]

Head lice removal specialist, Elimilice featured on NBC television affiliate, 11Alive

As Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company, Elimilice, was recently featured as the area's head lice expert in a television segment on NBC-affiliate, 11Alive.  I spoke with the reporter about how I got into this business (after my then 5 year old daughter contracted head lice three times in less than a year), how there is NO reason to be ashamed by having head lice as it is becoming more and … [Read more...]

Head Lice – not just a nuisance for children!

Today, we treated two grandmothers, M, 92 and H, 95 (and three other members of their family).   M had a very very severe case with thousands of nits, multi-staged nymphs and adult lice.  We estimate she’d been inhabited by a fertilized female at least six to eight weeks before (although the place of contraction remains a mystery to the family.)   It appears M passed the case to her daughter, her … [Read more...]

Client Testimonial for Elimilice

Not too long ago, I posted a blog entry about Gabbie, a beautiful first grader  whom we had treated for head lice.  I wanted to try and dispel a lot of the age-old wives' tales about head lice as well as the notion that those of African descent DO NOT get head lice. Gabbie's mother, Allison, was so very happy with the service as reflected in this … [Read more...]

Head Lice in African American Hair?

There are so many myths and old wives' tales associated with head lice. Many we hear frequently - sometimes several times a day: Head lice jump. Head lice fly. Head lice do not like dirty hair. Head lice can live off the head for two weeks. Head lice nits can hatch after an extended time off the human head. Head lice are killed by chlorine in a pool. Head lice are the signs of a … [Read more...]

Teachers with head lice

Today, we performed school level head checks at a prestigious preschool in Buckhead.   Head lice was detected on a beloved pre-K teacher.  She has college and high-school aged children herself but had never experienced head lice to date. She works with children that are 4 and 5 years old.  She is on the floor with them, they hug her and are very close to her much of the day.  You can bet that … [Read more...]

Will a buzz cut of a boy, man or a girl (I guess) eliminate a case of head lice?

Over the years, we’ve had clients – girls and moms on whom we’ve confirmed or detected head lice.  Sometimes we treat them and sometimes they choose to self/home treat.  In any event, they engage in a battle to remove the head lice and except for considering a trim or cutting a few inches if the hair is extremely long or has dry/damaged ends, for the most part, females just seem to accept that … [Read more...]


I recently met a mother of school-aged children, and she is concerned about her children getting head lice. She said she thought the use of the expression "infestation" made it seem so much worse than I was trying to convince her it really is. Her comment resonated with me and confirmed my personal mission to continue to educate people about the reality of head lice, including methods that will … [Read more...]