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Back to school head lice check PLUS a haircut – $20

It’s that time of year again.  Back-to-school.  Parents have their lists of things to buy and to do, and many include head lice checks and haircuts.   Elimilice is partnering with the Atlanta-area’s best children’s haircutter, Pigtails & Crewcuts (Buckhead location) and offering clients a package deal for BOTH services. $20 per person will buy you a comprehensive head lice check at either … [Read more...]

Elimilice announces summer head lice checks on Saturday mornings for $10 per person

Since we started our pre/post camp and/or vacation head lice check special a couple of weeks ago, we have been getting so many requests for Saturday head checks.  Normally, we do head lice treatments only on the weekends, and if an appointment for a treatment is made by a client (so we staff accordingly,) but it turns out to be a “false alarm,” the head check fee is $40. However, as a service … [Read more...]

Elimilice – Atlanta area’s answer for head lice checks, treatment and prevention

Today we had two families visit us from quite a distance for head lice checks and supposed treatments.  They explained that Elimilice had a far reaching reputation for honesty, thoroughness, a caring staff and as Atlanta's most professional service where all head lice are removed in one visit in an immaculate spa-like setting. The first family of four came in the morning from Alabama to our … [Read more...]

Is it head lice?

School's out and the summer season is nearing.   Here in the Atlanta area, we've had lot of sunny/hot days and our share of rain.  We also had a relatively mild winter. Therefore, there are bugs.  To me, sometimes, it seems like there are A LOT of bugs.  I'm one of those people that mosquitoes and spiders seem to really enjoy and my arms and legs are proof positive of that. What Do You … [Read more...]

Elimilice – Your Family’s Source for Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

The summer's started off busy, and we've seen lots of families for our summer head check and preventive product special.   Children are being brought in for comprehensive $10 head checks so that they can be sent off to camp "head lice free" and with complete peace of mind.  Ninety five percent of those we've head checked have been head lice free.  Relief!! Many parents are then scheduling the … [Read more...]

Reduce risk of head lice this summer with help from Elimilice

Most schools are finishing up in the next couple of weeks. Camps are starting and vacations are being scheduled. Elimilice is offering two specials to help reduce the risk of your family being affected by head lice this summer: In facility head checks for each/every family member at $10 per piece, by appointment.  Please call to schedule. A buy two get one free special on preventive … [Read more...]

Atlanta head lice checks and treatments by Elimilice

We know there are so many choices when it comes to head lice products and services in the Atlanta area.  We know there is so much misinformation and there are so many rumors when it comes to the detection and treatment of head lice.  We know that, sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to turn and/or what to do. Now in its fourth year of service, Elimilice has seen thousands of children, … [Read more...]

Head lice questions answered

I have been "making the rounds," and speaking to concerned families, staff members and administrators at lots of schools and daycares in recent weeks about head lice symptoms, detection, treatment options and prevention.  I was at a lovely private Pre-K through 8 school this morning talking to and answering questions from parents, one of the school's nurses and a few of its … [Read more...]

To treat, or not to treat, that is the question. Head lice treatment in the Atlanta area by Elimilice.

Shakespeare, in Hamlet’s famous soliloquy (from which the title of this post is derived), is actually considering the essence of action vs. non-action (or some scholars interpret as life vs. death) and this is sometimes the conundrum presented at Elimilice's professional head lice service. Specifically, we often have people come to us requesting immediate treatment.  They want to bypass a head … [Read more...]

Head lice removal specialist, Elimilice featured on NBC television affiliate, 11Alive

As Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company, Elimilice, was recently featured as the area's head lice expert in a television segment on NBC-affiliate, 11Alive.  I spoke with the reporter about how I got into this business (after my then 5 year old daughter contracted head lice three times in less than a year), how there is NO reason to be ashamed by having head lice as it is becoming more and … [Read more...]