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Sharing the head lice “wealth”

We're frequently asked why it seems that there are more and more cases of head lice around.   With several years of data, we’ve been gathering, calculating and quantifying about head lice treatments (hey – everyone needs a hobby) . . . It seems that head lice really do like to “keep it in the family” . . . Our findings: When one child under 13 years of age in a family has a case of head … [Read more...]

Show Me the Lice!!!

So, a father called last Saturday morning for an appointment for his whole family.   They had used our head lice services in the past and he booked five head checks with two likely treatments for that same day. When the family arrived, they advised us that they’d used the olive oil service in their home the night before but were terribly unhappy with the service. As a matter of fact, the … [Read more...]

Elimilice Expands Dunwoody, Atlanta Facility

After an absolutely crazy summer and back to school season, when we checked and treated more children and adults with head lice than ever before in our Dunwoody and Decatur locations and via our mobile service and assisted numerous learning facilities and camps with head checks and on site treatments, it became obvious that we needed more room and resources to help Atlanta-area families with their … [Read more...]

The PAIN of head lice removal

We performed complete head lice removal for a couple of thick/curly-haired brothers the other day.  Curious kids, they were enthralled with the science and the process related to the insects and the treatment.  However, the older of the two, a fourth grader, became quite teary during the head lice removal process and complained that it hurt. His mother called me the next day, thrilled that they … [Read more...]

Is there life AFTER Elimilice’s head lice removal?

Frequently, parents call me the evening  of or a day or so after we’ve completed a head lice treatment for one or more of their family members.   They’ve washed the sheets and pillowcases, cleaned the combs and brushes, vacuumed the sofas and carpets and lint rolled the cars.   Their child(ren) are back to school/daycare/camp with hair up (when appropriate) and preventive sprayed. But they feel … [Read more...]

Single treatment in facility head lice removal SPECIAL

  For a limited time, Elimilice is running a special on in facility head lice treatments, Monday through Saturday during normal business hours: $75 for the complete removal of head lice for an individual with hair that is 4” or less from the scalp $100 for the complete removal of head lice for an individual with hair that is greater than 4” from the scalp A premier head lice comb … [Read more...]

An electric zap to remove head lice?

A distraught mother contacted me early today with her "tale of the battle against head lice."   She'd been working on her two school-aged daughters since early February with various over the counter "lice killing shampoos" and the Robi Comb, another one of a long list of devices that claim to be the answer to head lice removal.  She'd truly relied on the Robi Comb and had spent hours and hours on … [Read more...]

Elimilice utilizes the most effective head lice removal methods

Head lice – it continues to be a nuisance with families struggling to find the answer to quick and completely successful head lice removal. With more and more over-the-counter products on the market claiming to “do the job,” an increasing number of head lice service providers claiming to be “expert” at head lice treatment, recently introduced pharmaceutical-grade products claiming to be the … [Read more...]

Elimilice offers mobile head lice detection and head lice removal services in the Athens, Georgia area

As a result of continuing demand, Elimilice is thrilled to announce that it is now also offering in home head lice checks and head lice removal services in the Athens, Georgia area.  In its fifth year of providing expert head lice removal services to Atlanta-area families, Elimilice now has a full team of mobile technicians that are available to assist Athens-area families, seven days a week, with … [Read more...]

Elimilice launches head lice hotline to assist clients with head lice concerns

As the Atlanta area's most experienced and most effective head lice specialist, Elimilice is often pointed to as the "expert" on all things head lice.  We've provided services to thousands of people affected by head lice in our Atlanta, Georgia head lice facility, our Decatur, Georgia facility and in clients' homes, hotels, offices, schools and camps. However, we're also contacted by those in … [Read more...]