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Head lice lessons learned this past holiday season

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  This year, in addition to all the eating, family time, EATING and gift giving/receiving, the memory made for several in my family related to head lice prevention and treatment. Over and over, my technicians and I preach about head lice prevention.   We really do sound like broken records, but it's because we sincerely believe that a full blown case of … [Read more...]

House Cleaning When a Case of Head Lice is Found

Need to clean the home when head lice found? I received a call late a couple of nights ago from a woman who had found adult lice on her child’s head and had been “shopping” the local professional head lice removal services.  I was happy to schedule a technician to come to her but she first wanted to know if she’d have to clean her house if she used our service. I paused for a second and then … [Read more...]

Elimilice utilizes the most effective head lice removal methods

Head lice – it continues to be a nuisance with families struggling to find the answer to quick and completely successful head lice removal. With more and more over-the-counter products on the market claiming to “do the job,” an increasing number of head lice service providers claiming to be “expert” at head lice treatment, recently introduced pharmaceutical-grade products claiming to be the … [Read more...]

Elimilice – Atlanta area’s answer for head lice checks, treatment and prevention

Today we had two families visit us from quite a distance for head lice checks and supposed treatments.  They explained that Elimilice had a far reaching reputation for honesty, thoroughness, a caring staff and as Atlanta's most professional service where all head lice are removed in one visit in an immaculate spa-like setting. The first family of four came in the morning from Alabama to our … [Read more...]

Head lice removal specialist, Elimilice featured on NBC television affiliate, 11Alive

As Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company, Elimilice, was recently featured as the area's head lice expert in a television segment on NBC-affiliate, 11Alive.  I spoke with the reporter about how I got into this business (after my then 5 year old daughter contracted head lice three times in less than a year), how there is NO reason to be ashamed by having head lice as it is becoming more and … [Read more...]

The Purpose of Head Lice?

I had a client ask me the other day what the "purpose" of head lice is?  She said that she was a logical person and conveyed to me her thoughts on cockroaches' and spiders' purposes. I thought a bit, mentioned  that people have asked me where and when head lice originated but no one had ever asked me WHY they were here.  I truly could not come up with a good answer (although she did surmise a … [Read more...]

Head Lice – not just a nuisance for children!

Today, we treated two grandmothers, M, 92 and H, 95 (and three other members of their family).   M had a very very severe case with thousands of nits, multi-staged nymphs and adult lice.  We estimate she’d been inhabited by a fertilized female at least six to eight weeks before (although the place of contraction remains a mystery to the family.)   It appears M passed the case to her daughter, her … [Read more...]

Client Testimonial for Elimilice

Not too long ago, I posted a blog entry about Gabbie, a beautiful first grader  whom we had treated for head lice.  I wanted to try and dispel a lot of the age-old wives' tales about head lice as well as the notion that those of African descent DO NOT get head lice. Gabbie's mother, Allison, was so very happy with the service as reflected in this … [Read more...]

Report on head lice on CNN Radio

We were thrilled to be included in a recent CNN Radio segment, which featured a mother of one of our satisfied clients and provides details on some of the policies, treatment options and other nuances surrounding head lice. Listen to the segment by clicking on the red play button below. To see the full article on the CNN website, click here. … [Read more...]

Magic Cure for Head Lice?

This morning, I took my 8 year old to the pediatrician as she was complaining of a headache, earache, sore throat and stomach ache.  She had an ear infection that required antibiotics.  I had a philosophical conversation with our pediatrician about prescribing such because we’d been in on Tuesday for the same complaints and at that time, she tested negative for strep and did not have an ear … [Read more...]