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Looking for alternative treatment of Traditional Head Lice? Then you should try ‘Elimilice’ Natural process for head lice elimination

Breaking out of lice puts parents in fear. Something that is definitely moving in your children’s hair certainly drives parents crazy. In many instances, parents tend to spray pesticides all over the house when the child is infested with lice. Unfortunately, this is one of the misconceptions about the spread of lice. Lice spread through contact with contaminated hair, clothing, hairbrushes, … [Read more...]

Head Lice Facts: What parents should know about natural head lice treatment, pricing and precautions

Spotting a white speck on the child’s hair is certain to make parents panic. Each year millions of school-aged children get head lice. Head lice may be a nuisance, however, they don’t cause serious ailments or carry any disease. Remember, head lice can be treated at home. What are head lice? Head lice are tiny insects that are found on human hair and scalp. These insects feed on tiny amounts … [Read more...]

How often do clients return to you for head lice checks or head lice removal?

As the Atlanta-area’s oldest and largest facility-based professional head lice service, we’ve had thousands of people in our chairs over the years (or seen them in their own chairs in their own homes).   Because we remove all evidence of head lice in one visit, it is standard that our clients return for just one complimentary follow-up check within a week of treatment (to ensure there's been no … [Read more...]

The PAIN of head lice removal

We performed complete head lice removal for a couple of thick/curly-haired brothers the other day.  Curious kids, they were enthralled with the science and the process related to the insects and the treatment.  However, the older of the two, a fourth grader, became quite teary during the head lice removal process and complained that it hurt. His mother called me the next day, thrilled that they … [Read more...]

Is there life AFTER Elimilice’s head lice removal?

Frequently, parents call me the evening  of or a day or so after we’ve completed a head lice treatment for one or more of their family members.   They’ve washed the sheets and pillowcases, cleaned the combs and brushes, vacuumed the sofas and carpets and lint rolled the cars.   Their child(ren) are back to school/daycare/camp with hair up (when appropriate) and preventive sprayed. But they feel … [Read more...]

An electric zap to remove head lice?

A distraught mother contacted me early today with her "tale of the battle against head lice."   She'd been working on her two school-aged daughters since early February with various over the counter "lice killing shampoos" and the Robi Comb, another one of a long list of devices that claim to be the answer to head lice removal.  She'd truly relied on the Robi Comb and had spent hours and hours on … [Read more...]

Head lice prevention and repellant products under FIRE

So a company (and its owner) which purported to have cedar-based products that were the "best" to prevent and repel head lice and bed bugs has been fined millions of dollars  by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.   As we've said so many times, there are currently no "magic bullet" products for preventing and treating head lice.  No over the counter products, no prescription … [Read more...]

Treatments for head lice

We treated a shaggy-haired fifth grade boy today for head lice today.   As described by his mother when she booked the appointment for the treatment, he was "crawling."  She noted he'd contracted head lice before school ended (two months ago) and she'd been treating ever since. His mother, a family practice physician, had tried Cetaphil, Listerine and Ulesfia.   Clearly, none were completely … [Read more...]

Atlanta head lice checks and treatments by Elimilice

We know there are so many choices when it comes to head lice products and services in the Atlanta area.  We know there is so much misinformation and there are so many rumors when it comes to the detection and treatment of head lice.  We know that, sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to turn and/or what to do. Now in its fourth year of service, Elimilice has seen thousands of children, … [Read more...]

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to Treat Head Lice

DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT!!!! I so understand how alarming it is to be presented with a case of head lice - especially at night when professional head lice services like Elimilice and pharmacies are closed.  You want to eliminate the head lice quickly and must get a start on it!!   However, using petroleum jelly WILL NOT solve the problem.    It might indeed suffocate some of the bugs if you … [Read more...]