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Superlice In The News

Recently there have been stories in the news about a new strain of "Superlice" that has been seen around the country including cases in Georgia. Local CBS affiliate channel 46 news came by to get our thoughts. You can see the story by clicking here. … [Read more...]

Elimilice’s $25 off special promotion on in home services

Just in time for the winter "head lice season," Elimilice is offering a $25 discount on its in home head lice services.   Our in home head checks and treatments are performed utilizing only non-toxic products and Elimilice's research-based and tested techniques and by our trained and experienced technicians. We're also the only professional head lice service in town that: guarantees … [Read more...]

Head lice removal specialist, Elimilice featured on NBC television affiliate, 11Alive

As Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company, Elimilice, was recently featured as the area's head lice expert in a television segment on NBC-affiliate, 11Alive.  I spoke with the reporter about how I got into this business (after my then 5 year old daughter contracted head lice three times in less than a year), how there is NO reason to be ashamed by having head lice as it is becoming more and … [Read more...]

Is it just an itchy scalp?

We had a beautiful middle school girl in for treatment today.  She had long, thick hair down to her "bottom" and had been referred to us by an astute school nurse. Tammy (name has been changed) explained that she'd been itching for several weeks but thought that it was a change in shampoo.  By the time she came to us, her case was probably two months old and characterized by numerous adult … [Read more...]