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Head Lice Hotline

We know how difficult dealing with a case of head lice can be. We also know that sometimes, you’re not even sure if it’s head lice.

Elimilice is the Atlanta area’s head lice specialist and we’re happy to help you in person, in one of our facilities or in your home if you’re nearby.

However, we can still help no matter where you are located.

Elimilice answers all your head lice related questions. First, we’ve prepared these instructions for you to perform a head lice check for your family members. In this way, you can determine if case of head lice that requires treatment exists. If you’d like to take a couple of photos of the evidence, we can evaluate them for you. Just email them to with your name and contact information.

Second, we can:

  • Provide even more guidance about head lice and how to perform a head lice check
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment program, if appropriate, for you/your family, customizing the methods and the products we recommend based on the severity of the case, the age/temperament of the individual with head lice and the thickness/length of his/her hair.

Please call 1-800-966-6903 for more information on our head lice consultation service or complete and submit the form below to securely pay for the service and to have an Elimilice technician contact you shortly.

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