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An electric zap to remove head lice?

A distraught mother contacted me early today with her “tale of the battle against head lice.”   She’d been working on her two school-aged daughters since early February with various over the counter “lice killing shampoos” and the Robi Comb, another one of a long list of devices that claim to be the answer to head lice removal.  She’d truly relied on the Robi Comb and had spent hours and hours on her girls (and herself although she never was sure if she even had a case of head lice) but almost a month after starting, was continuing to pull live adult head lice from her daughters’ heads.

Mother happily celebrating head lice removal conclusion.

I have been hearing stories about this electronic comb for several years.   I’ve had many clients invest in it but they did not have much success and ended up coming to Elimilice for head lice treatment or the products/consultation to treat the head lice themselves.   It appears, and as is true with many standalone products and devices that claim to completely eliminate head lice,  much has to do with the tenacity, patience and talent of the operator and the other measures and products that families are undertaking simultaneously to remove the head lice.  To date, using JUST one product and/or method only has not proven sufficient for 100%  head lice removal.

At Elimilice, we believe in utilizing a metal head lice comb to remove all lice, nits and nymphs (maturing lice).  When you come to us or we come to you for a single head lice treatment, we apply specially-formulated non-toxic products and use one of these premier metal nit combs (which is either our client’s property or which is purchased with the Elimilice treatment)  and also engage in manual nit picking to ensure all of the head lice are gone.   The nit comb is not electronic and poses absolutely no risk to anyone on whom it is used.   We recommend that clients choosing to self-treat contact us to purchase the same premier lice comb and products and engage in once a day combing for two weeks (as it’s highly unlikely that all of the evidence of head lice can be eradicated in just one session of combing by other than a professional lice service, and by continuing to lice comb over the entire lifecycle of a head louse, at some point, all bugs and/or nits will be removed and no longer pose a threat.)

When Elimilice successfully removes all the head lice in one visit, it is because of the technicians’  dexterity, resulting from years of experience in proper and effective lice combing and nit picking as well as the premier nit comb and the non-toxic products that are utilized.  It is our experience that families may also be successful at treating for head lice at home if they are dedicated to the two week daily combing process and utilizing the combination of the proper products and a premier lice comb.

During the first frantic fearful moments of considering or realizing that you/your child(ren) might have a case of head lice, it’s to be expected that you’ll want to pull out all the stops to find the easiest way to eradicate the lice.  Parents almost always tell me that their first reaction is to “run” quickly to the local pharmacy and grab every single product on the shelf referencing  “head lice treatment.”   I get it.  I did that too when my then pre-schooler first contracted head lice.  I wanted the answer for getting rid of those disgusting bugs and their eggs and I wanted to start on it immediately.   I’ve learned over the years that there really are methods and products that work (not to mention services, like Elimilice, that can assist) and I urge you,  before investing in any product, including an electric zapping comb (which by design is sending a pulse into the hair and head,) to read reviews, do your research and reach out to highly regarded professionals who are working in this field.

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