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Elimilice launches head lice hotline to assist clients with head lice concerns

As the Atlanta area’s most experienced and most effective head lice specialist, Elimilice is often pointed to as the “expert” on all things head lice.  We’ve provided services to thousands of people affected by head lice in our Atlanta, Georgia head lice facility, our Decatur, Georgia facility and in clients’ homes, hotels, offices, schools and camps.

However, we’re also contacted by those in need of advice and assistance on head lice from across the country and even internationally. Calls, emails and texts come over daily with questions about head lice detection, head lice treatment and head lice prevention.

In a continuing effort to meet its clients’ needs and to provide the quickest, most effective and most convenient help when a case of head lice is suspected or known and requires treatment, Elimilice has launched a “hotline” to consult with clients located ANYWHERE about head lice.   After a preliminary screening, we provide specific information and instructions on dealing with the head lice.  We accomplish this via telephone, Skype or FaceTime, generally within minutes of receiving the initial request.  Once a client has “hired” Elimilice, we provide details on performing a head check at home (if necessary) and after reviewing evidence and ascertaining specifics as to those who require head lice elimination,  we’ll detail the specific supplies/tools and methods recommended for complete head lice removal and cleaning the home/car.  We’re confident that with our help and some work, families can eliminate head lice and “get back to normal.”

Please follow instructions here to get the help you need to remove head lice from your life!