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Elimilice offers mobile head lice detection and head lice removal services in the Athens, Georgia area

As a result of continuing demand, Elimilice is thrilled to announce that it is now also offering in home head lice checks and head lice removal services in the Athens, Georgia area.  In its fifth year of providing expert head lice removal services to Atlanta-area families, Elimilice now has a full team of mobile technicians that are available to assist Athens-area families, seven days a week, with their head lice detection and head lice removal needs.

Head lice removal in Athens, Georgia

Elimilice offers head lice removal services to the Athens, Georgia area

If you suspect or have been battling a case of head lice, please contact us to make an appointment to have an Elimilice technician come to your home (or dorm, office or hotel).  The trained and experienced professional will arrive in an unmarked vehicle as your privacy and discretion are highly-valued.  He or she will first perform a head lice check, and if sufficient viable evidence of head lice is detected and with your permission, will immediately engage in the comprehensive head lice removal of all nits, nymphs and adults bugs, using only products that do not contain harmful chemicals.  There will be no “gimmicky” hot air blowers or the need for you to continue to treat with olive oil or other products and all those treated will be head lice free before the technician leaves your home.  The Elimilice technician will also provide you with written instructions about home/car cleaning as well as preventing future cases of head lice and will be happy to answer all your questions.

A complimentary in facility follow up head check is included with each head lice removal treatment, but due to the distance, clients who choose not to avail themselves of this follow-up will be provided with specific post-treatment guidelines to ensure that any further exposure to head lice does not result in re-infestation.

Here is our in home service pricelist.  Elimlice is now the Athens-area head lice removal service so please contact us if you need us.