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Elimilice utilizes the most effective head lice removal methods

Head lice – it continues to be a nuisance with families struggling to find the answer to quick and completely successful head lice removal.

With more and more over-the-counter products on the market claiming to “do the job,” an increasing number of head lice service providers claiming to be “expert” at head lice treatment, recently introduced pharmaceutical-grade products claiming to be the swift and complete solution and so many friends and family members with their own “home grown” remedies which they swear will work, it’s no wonder that families dealing with head lice are scratching their heads (sorry – couldn’t resist).

How to remove head lice?

What to do to remove head lice?

For example, I was contacted not too long ago by the mother of a family that had been treated by a head lice service that utilizes the newest gimmick on the market for head lice removal, a heated air machine.  The mother was at her wit’s end.  Two of the children had a recurrence of head lice, just over two weeks past the initial hot air device treatment and were in need of re-treatment because clearly, all the head lice from the original case had not been removed.  The family had spent several hundred dollars and followed all instructions conveyed by the service provider but came to Elimilice with evidence indicating that the head lice had not been completely removed initially.

This family trusted the provider to eliminate the head lice but such was not accomplished, the parents were frustrated and angry and the two children that needed re-treatment were not happy.

Over the years, I’ve researched this heated air head lice device thoroughly but question the protocol associated with its use.  First of all, despite its being “cleared” by the FDA (which should not be confused with “approved” – which the machine is not), it is not recommended for children younger than four years of age because of the intensity of the heat emitted.  (So you don’t want to have it used on your three year old, but it’s OK for your four year old because once a child hits four years of age, they’re impervious to heat? Really . . .)   Second, the use of the machine is said to effectively dry out nits and bugs, but this reported drying process does not cause the bugs and especially the nits to “fall off the head.”  As a result,  how can a family be certain that the device was successful?  To combat this, some operators perform a  nit combing after using the device.   However, why would anyone want to put themselves/their children through both exposure to concentrated hot air AND combing when combing (plus manual nit picking) is sufficient and facilitates the supposed same end result.  Third, some operators of the device require a client personally pre-treat and post-treat (multiple times) those affected (at home).  But isn’t that contradictory to using a service (which you’re paying to do the removal?)  Finally, because the devices are heavily marketed to those with little to no experience in head lice removal and granted under license agreements with associated fees, in general, the price for head lice treatment with the device generally exceeds the price of head lice treatment by an experienced head lice professional who’s utilizing manual methods and non-toxic products only.

So, what is the answer to complete head lice removal? 


As I’ve said before, I still maintain that there are solutions.  If you have the resources, the best answer is an experienced professional head lice service (which in the Atlanta and Athens, Georgia areas is Elimilice) that utilizes manual methods and non-toxic products.   There is certainly a cost involved, but if you quantify the cost of other methods/products and include the value of your time/your child’s comfort, you may indeed find that paying a professional is the least expensive option to guarantee complete removal.  At Elimilice, we remove all evidence of head lice in one visit.  We don’t take shortcuts or use gimmicky products and we guarantee our services for 30-days.  All technicians undergo thorough and ongoing training and are experienced and adept at complete head lice removal, ensuring that clients are comfortable and informed plus instructed on ongoing preventive methods.


If you’re committed to battling the head lice on your own, Elimilice can offer you guidance and assistance on head lice removal via its head lice hotline.  Contingent upon your personal situation, we will tailor a game plan just for you/your family. (For example, do you have to get rid of the head lice in one day because your child attends a school with a no nit policy or your child’s school does not have a no nit policy so you can you work on the case over time – all the while preventing the spread to other family members, friends and classmates?)   With the proper tools, knowledge and dedication, it is possible to eliminate head lice yourself and return to your life.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.