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Is there life AFTER Elimilice’s head lice removal?

Frequently, parents call me the evening  of or a day or so after we’ve completed a head lice treatment for one or more of their family members.   They’ve washed the sheets and pillowcases, cleaned the combs and brushes, vacuumed the sofas and carpets and lint rolled the cars.   Their child(ren) are back to school/daycare/camp with hair up (when appropriate) and preventive sprayed.

But they feel as if there MUST BE more to do.  It can’t possibly be that easy.  I mean – come on – everyone talks about weeks and weeks of work to get rid of the head lice.

There is life after head lice removal by Elimilice.

Happy smiles after head lice removal by Elimilice

We know that lots of lice services employ protocols that require ongoing treatment efforts (either at home by parents or via a return to the service for another paid re-treatment).   As a matter of fact, my first morning call today was from a mother who’d had the “olive oil” service to her home a few weeks ago.  She’d been taken aback with the mess of the olive oil and was not thrilled about having to continue to apply it and lice comb her five year old son herself.  Plus, just last night, she’d found a bug and nits on him (and finally found out about Elimilice’s services from friends.)

When you hire Elimilice to perform a head lice treatment, it really is simple.  You pay for head lice removal and we accomplish that in one treatment visit and give you simple written instructions on what to do – one time – to clean your home and car.  You/your children are head lice free when  you leave one of our facilities or we leave your home. There’s nothing more to do.  No more head checking, lice combing or washing.  You can return to your life.  GUARANTEED!

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