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More Technicians for In Home Head Lice Removal Added

At Elimilice, we pride ourselves on being sensitive to the needs and requests of our clients, and already this summer, we have become aware of a marked increase in the number of head lice cases in the Atlanta area.  This past winter and spring, when we were “booked solid” in our Decatur and Sandy Springs facilities, there were a few times we found ourselves “short” on the number of technicians we had available to fill the requests of those families who contacted us about our in home/traveling treatment services.

However, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added to the team of technicians who’ve undergone rigorous training and education in the methods Elimilice uses for detection and elimination of head lice and feel confident that we can now quickly assist ALL clients who choose to have head lice removal performed in their homes.

Pricing for the in home services remains “on special” (as do our in facility treatments) and, of course, includes a travel fee as detailed on our price sheet.    Our minimum in home fee will also still apply, and the complimentary follow-up visit will be scheduled at either our Sandy Springs or Decatur facility.  (UPDATE:  Follow up appointments occur in our Dunwoody, Georgia or Decatur, Georgia facilties.)

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