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Sharing the head lice “wealth”

iStock_000042790168LargeWe’re frequently asked why it seems that there are more and more cases of head lice around.   With several years of data, we’ve been gathering, calculating and quantifying about head lice treatments (hey – everyone needs a hobby) . . .

It seems that head lice really do like to “keep it in the family” . . .

Our findings:

  • When one child under 13 years of age in a family has a case of head lice that has escalated to numerous late stage nymphs and adult bugs (so the case is two or more weeks in age), the likelihood of at least one sibling having a case is 50%.
  • When two children under 13 years of age, in the same immediate family, have a case of head lice, there is a 66.67%  likelihood that Mom will also have it.
  • With teenagers and older children, the likelihood of spreading head lice to siblings and parents is slightly lower but it appears that, especially with teenage girls, the risk of spreading a case to a teen’s friends is elevated.

We could conjecture about the causes for these results but the whole “selfie scare of 2014” was probably enough for a while. However, we continue to see more and more cases of head lice including in college aged individuals, babies and even grandparents.

Discount special:

To combat this, for a limited time, Elimilice is offering a special for in facility treatments with increased discounts for multiple family members treated during the same visit.

Once a case of head lice is identified in a family, it really is important that all family members be checked.  It’s not a foregone conclusion that head lice treatment will be necessary, but to ensure that the situation does not perpetuate/continue, we strongly recommend family head checks.

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