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Show Me the Lice!!!

So, a father called last Saturday morning for an appointment for his whole family.   They had used our head lice services in the past and he booked five head checks with two likely treatments for that same day.

When the family arrived, they advised us that they’d used the olive oil service in their home the night before but were terribly unhappy with the service. As a matter of fact, the parents suggested that they might have gotten “ripped off” because the technician that came to their home told them that two of them had head lice and proceeded to quite quickly treat the two family members, but when the parents asked to see the evidence, the technician refused and became defensive (threatening to “stop the treatment.”)

Piggyride time, kids enjoying

The family was also disenfranchised by the need to continue to apply olive oil and treat themselves for the next couple of weeks when they’d not been advised of that in advance and when they’d paid for a removal service.

We checked the family. No head lice. No evidence at all of head lice. Generally, if a case of head lice exists and one quick olive oil-only treatment is performed, we’ll still find evidence of head lice. Casings, nymph shells, nits – maybe even a bug.   There was NOTHING on any of the family members, and we understood the father’s protests that he believed there never had been.

But we asked the father why they’d opted to use someone other than Elimilice when they clearly considered us the head lice experts.   He explained that the olive oil service advertised a very inexpensive price and when booking the appointment, the service hadn’t disclosed the need for further treatment efforts by the family for the ensuing two weeks. However, when the invoice was presented, it was actually MORE than what Elimilice would have charged and he wasn’t even sure that the treatment was warranted.

To note:

  • Any reputable/reliable/professional head lice service will show you the evidence removed during a head check/before treatment and also what was removed during the treatment.   Elimilice will NEVER treat for head lice when such is unnecessary. We will share all evidence with you (and you’re generally in one of our clinic treatment rooms or in your home with us) and discuss the age and severity of the case.
  • In screening head lice services, it’s important to ensure that pricing is clear and that you receive an estimate if you ask for it.   Charges shouldn’t be cryptic, hidden or different from what is conveyed originally. Your credit card payment should also be taken in a secure manner (not over the telephone or with an imprint of your card taken) to protect your identity and your privacy.
  • Elimilice performs complete head lice removal in one visit to your home or one of our facilities. You don’t have to buy additional treatment product nor do you have to continue treating.   Done. Finished. Back to your life. If you wanted to perform the treatment yourself, why would you pay a service?

When he left, the father who’d booked the appointment told us that he’d learned his lesson, he could now confirm that Elimilice sets itself apart and he’d be reluctant to use another service in the future.

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