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Looking for lice removal treatment in home? Elimilice provides head lice treatment in home services in Atlanta and Athens, GA area.

Are your children infested with head lice? Do you prefer home remedies over chemical medication for treating a head lice infestation? Look no further as Elimilice provides head lice treatment in Atlanta, Fayetteville/Peachtree City and Athens, GA area. We are well-informed that the major victims of head lice are children. Hence, we offer traditional home remedies for lice removal that can easily tackle head lice.

Head lice are contagious but do not spread disease. Their bites which cause itchiness and inflamed scalp which leads to continuous scratching and further bacterial infection. Sometimes, even rashes may develop.

How do we work?

We use lice treatment services that are purely based on natural remedies and do not involve any chemical treatments. We know how stressful the situation is and we promise to take the burden off your shoulders. Firstly, our technicians arrive at your home with the equipment and sets up. These professionals take non-toxic and chemical-free steps to kill the bugs and this halts egg production.

The process involves saturation of hair for 15 minutes and then is completely washed out. The treatment also involves thoroughly combing the hair using a professional lice comb. We ensure that in 99% of cases, children can return to school the next day.

Why is it important to conduct head lice treatment at home?

  • Kids especially are more comfortable in their own homes. We put your child at ease by treating them in their own environment.
  • Our Head lice removal services in Atlanta GA and Athens offers complete privacy. We take utmost care to ensure our client’s confidentiality. Our professionals will arrive to your house in an unmarked vehicle so that your neighbours do not identify your uninvited houseguests.
  • You can remain stress-free while focusing on your household work without bothering about household problems. Professionals at Elimilice head lice removal services will leave you with a safe, easy-to-follow treatment plan that helps you in getting rid of nits.

To schedule an appointment or to know more about our lice treatment services, call us on 4047-704-2200. We would always be happy to help you.